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Mini Golf at City Line Sports Center

With the re-opening of Mini Golf last year, we’re excited about having players and families come out and reminisce about the old days and create new memories at City Line. After removing all the debris from the nor’easters that came through this year, mini golf has been open since May. The unique, casual atmosphere that mini golf provides lets even the most serious golfer relax and just have fun. Our course has an equal amount of simple and complex holes, but it’s something that you just can’t experience anywhere else. There’s no houses, windmills, funny faces or other obstacles to hit through, but we do have a variety of holes with heavy undulation and slope, like the rolling landscape of Cobbs Creek Golf Clubs’ Olde Course. Our facility has an 18-hole mini golf course, a bonus hole at the clubhouse to really test your skill, and a large artificial turfed practice green, as well as covered and open hitting stalls for the driving range. The best part of mini golf is not having to worry about bringing your own equipment. With the purchase of a round, the use of a putter and ball, provided at the clubhouse, are included. Our cost is affordable, ranging from $4-$6, which makes it easy for everyone to enjoy!